Passion has driven me in unexpected ways through unexpected events. One of those events happened 20 years ago when health issues in my family required drastic dietary and lifestyle changes. I immersed myself into researching, learning and applying everything I could to address the needs of my family.

Initially there was a complete overhaul of our food regime … organic, trans-fatty acid, gluten, casein and a whole array of other food related terms, found their way into our household vocabulary. Following that, my attention shifted to the outer environment and how this could impact our health and wellness.

I became aware of just how detrimental the bacteria in our living spaces could be to our health and wellness. Nasal issues, nocturia, respiratory challenges and a general sense of heaviness, were just some of the conditions that I now realise were either caused or aggravated due to mould and bacteria in our home.

This was my new passion and I was determined to find products that would deal with these harmful microbes. Suspicious of chemical solutions, I began to research natural cleaning alternatives. Store bought cleaning products, homemade concoctions and specialised cleaning methods were just some of the options I tried.

The ongoing quest for the most powerful and effective purifying products has led to the development of Purefolio and the commitment to sourcing organic and scientifically advanced products that promote natural, healthy living.

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